Where Can I Find The Best Hip Hop Review Sites Online?

Just like in any form of music, hip hop album reviews are a great way for the listener to find out more about an album of interest before the decision is made to purchase. There is a wide variety of different types of media that specialize in reviewing new music. Album reviews can be found online and in print such as magazines and even newspapers. Also, I find that sites that are forums and blogs also offer an array of information on hip hop such. Some of these hip hop forums might include downloads and celebrity gossip, while others are going to include hip hop album review options and downloads – it depends on the site you visit. They key is to find someone who has an unbiased opinion so the review that you are getting is as helpful as possible.

When searching for hip hop album reviews on the Internet, it is a good idea to stick to popular music sites and stray away from sites that are run by fans. When reading reviews that come from fan based websites, the reviews can tend to be biased one way or another. With so many different styles of hip hop music out there (west coast, east coast, g-funk, gangster), reading a review from someone who is already not a fan of that style can end up being very misleading. Sticking to the popular sites is the best way to find the most information on the hip hop album review of your choice. When you go to the more popular sites, the writers tend to be unbiased in their views since they are reaching out to a larger population of readers who demand quality reviews.

However, this doesn’t totally eliminate the occasional reviewer who seems to either be on a warpath against an artist or secretly in love with the artist and their music. Hip hop magazines have become a very popular source for finding the latest in hip hop album reviews. Easily found in grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores among other places, magazines are an inexpensive form of media that is both visual and informative. The three most popular magazines that are available in the market are The Source, Vibe and XXL. The Source even became so popular that it now hosts an annual hip hop awards show every year. The magazines are a great source for both articles, news and album reviews.

The other bonus for finding the best hip hop album reviews in magazines are the writers themselves who are getting paid to write the articles. The only real difference between hip hop album reviews online and in print is the instant updates that online articles have rather than the monthly issues that magazines have. Online articles have the distinct advantage over magazines; however, magazine reviews tend to have better quality. Finding your reviews is as easy as searching on the Internet or checking out the magazine section at your local convenience store.

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