Everyone Wants To Know More About People In The Limelight

It is a fact that people in the limelight always make news. Whatever they do or say or even whatever they do not do or do not say all makes news.

That is why newspapers, magazines and websites which give information of celebrities and people in the news are read by everyone. One such website which deals with celebrities is www.tophotceleb.com. It has gossips, it has news, it has pictures, funny news, videos and the like which all of you would love to go through.

There is one post on Katie Holmes which creates interest even though it does not really pen down what is happening. The headline is ‘Katie Holmes Works, Tom and Suri Leave town,’ making one wonder whether the husband and daughter are leaving town because she is working or if there has been a tiff between them. But when you read the body of the story, it tells nothing. It merely says that Katie got out of her car and headed to the theatre where she is performing a play called, ‘All my sons’. The news further says that she said bye to Tom Cruise and Suri who were seen leaving their house and heading for the heliport in New York. Doesn’t sound like splitsville, does it? But the headline can imply it without actually saying it.

An item tells readers that Katie Holmes hopped out of her chauffer driven car and headed in a theatre to perform ‘All my Sons’ after she said goodbye to her husband Tom Cruise and daughter Suri who were headed to the heliport on the East side of New York . Though the item does not give any definite news of her performance or her family except the basic, it certainly makes the readers read about these celebrities and their lifestyles. The headline states, ‘Katie Holmes Works, Tom and Suri leave town’ making each of you interpret the news as you wish. It could mean that she is performing well and working hard, it could mean that she has no time for her family who goes out of town and so on. Each one can read between the lines and piece together the information.

Actress Angelina Jolie has not been spared. In an interview with the BBC she had apparently said that she wants to call it a day and look after her large family of six kids. She is reported to have said that she wants to spend more time with her family and that she would like to be a grandmother. Nothing wrong in that. But the post further says that though Angelina has said that she is backing out of the limelight, she has not really said good bye to her career. You cannot imagine Angelina shedding her clothes and becoming a mere housewife meekly looking after her family.

This website is not only about celebrities and their news and views. There are other serious items also. Did you know that UK is finding it difficult to find enough burial space to bury its dead? That they are planning on allowing the human remains to be disturbed so that new burials can take place?

There are serious items also. For example one post says that there are too many deaths in UK and there is not enough burial space. Quoting The Times the post says that the country is allowing the disturbance of human remains in the burial grounds, for the first time since the early Victorian era. It further says that the local authorities across England will allow the exhumation of bodies and rebury them deeper in the ground from next year. Sounds gruesome and irreverent, doesn’t it? This way there will be enough burial space above the earlier graves. Even the headstones may be removed or names added or some such thing.

The website is a good mixture of news and gossip where your views can also be posted.

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