Dating Tips For Single Guys – Where To Meet Women When You Are Single

Single guys can have it kind of hard when it comes to dating. For one, you are usually expected to be the one that makes the first move. And two, you are also expected to be the one that pays for everything. You take on almost all of the risk, and the woman… she just has to kind of go with it, and if she does not like you that’s it! Doesn’t sound like too fair of a deal for you, does it?

Many men also find that it is just hard to meet women. Not just any woman, they find it hard to meet the kind of women that they really dream of dating. That can make you kind of discouraged at times when it comes to the thought of getting out there and giving it a shot.

Here are some tips on where to meet women that should help:

1. Target what kind of woman that you want to meet.

It might sound a little odd, but when you really know what kind of woman you would like to meet, then that kind of dictates where you should go. For example, if religion were a big deal to you and you wanted to meet a woman that was very religious and strict about her lifestyle, you probably would not want to hit the trendiest bar in town, right? It’s funny, but a lot of guys don’t put much thought into it like that. Knowing what kind of woman you want to date or attract will make it a LOT easier to end up meeting the right one.

2. Go where the crowd goes.

This would be painfully obvious, right? Well, sometimes it’s not. I’ve encountered a lot of men that complain about having a hard time finding and meeting women, and one of the first things I will ask is, where do you go? And more often than not, they are not going where the crowd goes. Sometimes you have to play by the numbers, and just go where it’s a lot easier to meet a woman.

3. Look like you are ready to meet a woman.

Body language gives off a lot of clues and hints. And if a woman were to misinterpret that body language, she might not think that you are ready to meet a woman. If you tend to stand with your head down, hands in your pockets, and body all tensed up, you don’t exactly look like you are ready to meet a woman and have a good time.

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