Dating Tips For Men- What Women Want

When I get the chance to go out and hit the clubs with guys that are not that great at pulling women, a lot of things become clear right from the beginning. You can easily pinpoint where so many men go wrong in their pursuit of women and why they face the challenges that they do when it comes to dating. You have to know one thing when you really want to turn things around and become successful with women.

Women WANT a REAL man!

Of course, you don’t have to suddenly become a brawny cowboy if that’s not your style. When it comes to being a real man in terms of dating, you have to play your part in the game. You cannot be the kind of totally clueless kind of guy that just kind of “hopes” that he can get attention from a woman and create some kind of attraction with her.

Here are some tips that should push you towards success with women:

1. Hesitation is a big No-No.

When you spot a woman that you find attractive, you got to make your move on her. If she notices that you are checking her out, glances away, and then turns back and you are still where you are- you’ve lost her. You have to show your alpha male qualities by going with the moment and making your approach. Otherwise, you are going to think too much about it, and you are also going to make her wonder why you just keep looking over at her. Not a good thing.

2. You got to be outgoing when you are around her.

You can still be a shy guy and be outgoing when you are around a woman. Get the conversation going with her and be the one to initiate the interaction. You want to show her that when she is around you, she’s going to have a good time. If you start to make a woman wonder when the silence is going to end, then you are not going to be able to take things further with her.

3. You have to be able to make her laugh and joke when you are with her.

Don’t be afraid to tease a woman a little. You don’t have to walk on egg shells when you are talking to a woman. You can have fun with her and tease her a bit. As long as you don’t cross the line where it’s no longer fun, then you can easily make her find being with you to be a good time. And she will want to have more of them. With YOU!

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